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Why do they need to be maintained?

(Extract from Building Commission website)

The objective of maintenance is to ensure that every essential safety measure continues to perform at the same level of operation that existed at the time of commissioning and issue of the occupancy permit.

The maintenance of essential safety measures involves:–

  • Ensuring the service is maintained at a level of performance specified by the relevant building surveyor (RBS)
    (usually to the BCA or an Australian Standard);
  • Periodical inspections and checks in accordance with an Australian Standard or other specified method; and
  • Maintaining a record of the maintenance inspections and checks in the form of an annual ’essential safety measures report’.

Reasons for ensuring maintenance of various services:–

  • General wear and tear — i.e. electro-magnetic hold-open devices on fire doors, shut down of air conditioning system in fire situation, replacement of emergency lighting batteries and tubes;
  • Reliability of a system operating — i.e. sprinkler system, mechanical ventilation system (used as a smoke hazard management system), early warning and intercommunication system;
  • Faults after commissioning of a system — i.e. emergency power supply; and
  • General housekeeping — i.e. ensure paths of travel to exits are not obstructed, fire-protective coverings are maintained, portable fire extinguishers remain in place.