What Our Clients are Saying

Guida Gargaro, Client Manager at DGi Properties:

"I would like your amazing "TEAM" to know that LinkFire is just the best company to deal with. Absolutely everyone at LinkFire is so professional and always willing to help in a friendly and polite manner. Nothing is too much trouble, everything is explained fully, (thanks for educating me), ever so obliging.
"I speak quite regularly with some of your people like Jessie, Emma, Bridget, Samantha, Nicole, Sue, and some of the guys like Marty, Dennis, Joseph to name a few. I've dealt with others but don't always know their names, however, I can only commend EVERYONE, always so patient with me when dealing with my queries and requests, all done for me without delays."

Peter Black, Director at Select OwnersCorp Management:

“...what particularly impresses me and gives me confidence in their service is that if they report an issue to us and receive no response, they will follow up with us, check we have been advised and offer to rectify the problem thus limiting our liability and exposure”.
“The Linkfire approach is straight up and down, no fluff, not sugar coated just straight to the point”.
“They have a knack of simplifying things and giving us a quick home run”.  Read Peter's full interview.

Anna Mohovich, Department Manager, Asset Management, CVA Property Consultants:

"Linkfire Services is our company's preferred contractor for the implementation of essential service maintenance and repairs across our extensive portfolio.  We have been extremely happy with Linkfire's ongoing expertise and professionalism in this area and in particular, the commitment from Linkfire to constantly improve their services based on our requirements.  The staff and personnel are always on hand and accessible to any queries and or issues which may arise from time to time." Read more.