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I have been a client of Linkfire for many years now. Linkfire offer a comprehensive and highly professional service, while also maintaining the friendly and relaxed customer service experience of a smaller business. Their drive to continually improve and provide exceptional service to their clients means they remain my first choice of fire protection provider.

Wes Slimmon

I have worked with Alistair and his Linkfire team for over 10 years via many business entities I have been involved in. We have built a business relationship based upon trust and we are reassured by their fire safety knowledge, reporting and follow up. LinkFire offer an Account Managed service supported by qualified and personable Technicians who are responsive to our needs. If you are a consummate professional and demand quality and service, you will choose LinkFire.

Klair Jones

What particularly impresses me and gives me confidence in their service is that if they report an issue to us and receive no response, they will follow up with us, check we have been advised and offer to rectify the problem thus limiting our liability and exposure. The Linkfire approach is straight up and down, no fluff, not sugar coated just straight to the point. They have a knack of simplifying things and giving us a quick home run.

Peter Black

Our business has been a client of Linkfire for over a decade. Few operators in this space can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ service for essential services that are available 24/7. Even less can have a readily accessible director of the business when things get complicated, or may need escalation. We have tried other contractors when directed by Owners Corporations from time to time, but we always come back to Linkfire. They have a great team with a depth of technical knowledge which is immensely valuable, especially with modern, complex buildings and ever-changing regulations. We are not ESM experts, and we rely on Linkfire when we need them.

Craig Hill

I am pleased to highly recommend the services of Linkfire. Linkfire have provided outstanding service to our business for more than 10 years. We have found that Linkfire have, time after time, delivered punctual and reliable services in a professional manner. We have found them to be the market leaders in their industry and their services have become an integral add-on to our business. They have taken the time to develop procedures and implement structures to suit our requirements and client needs. Their expertise and knowledge is second to none. We have consistently found Alistair Nicholl and his team at Linkfire to be a valuable resource to our expanding business, and have no hesitation in recommending him to any person or business requiring the services of skilled professionals to handle their Essential Service requirements.

Michael Passarella

The ACE Body Corporate Management franchise network (ACE) and LinkFire have a long standing and deeply valued relationship built on the cornerstones of trust, shared value, and the ambition to provide great service to our combined customers.
ACE is proud to partner with LinkFire and looks forward to continuing to service the strata community industry for many years to come.

Daniel Hunt

I strongly recommend Linkfire's services. Engaging Linkfire on most properties I manage ensures they remain compliant and solutions to rectify any issues when found are provided immediately.

Matt Elmer

I've been dealing with Linkfire for many years now and have always found them very responsive. Great for advice when issues arise and always willing to help out on the tricky questions.

Tracy Kuiper

Linkfire has always made my job as an Owners Corporation Manager easier by carrying out all required ESM maintenance as required by legislation on a timely and cost effective basis.
Keep up the good work guys.

Achini Fernando


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