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Peter Black, Select OwnersCorp Management
talking to Martin Bailey about Linkfire

14th September 2012-09-14

Why do you use Linkfire?

One stop shop – makes life a lot easier for us
Very helpful and knowledgeable – knows his potatoes
Always willing to help out
If there are issues, Alistair wants to know them
We grew our businesses together and had that one to one touch point

How did you come to meet Alistair?

Heard him speaking with another director and thought this guy knows his stuff and goes above and beyond other service providers.

Felt confident with his ability, professionalism and follow up
Alistair has hands on approach that impressed me
Linkfire looks after 80% of our business

If we recognised a further issue, Alistair takes appropriate action to deal with it.

Most important thing to you:

Follow-up – things don’t fall between the cracks
Example a reported defect with fire and essential services; report the issue and email paperwork. If Linkfire receive no response from us, they follow up with us. They check that we have been advised and ask if we are going to rectify the problem ourselves or want Linkfire to do it.

Limit my exposure as much as possible. I want key operators who are able to perform their task
Where I have the confidence that things won’t fall through the cracks leaving us both exposed.

Originally I tried Alistair out on a few small projects. Alistair’s approach is;
Straight up and down, no fluff, not sugar coated, straight to the point

He has a knack of simplifying things –‘giving us a quick run home’

Limits my exposure and liability