Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all works and services performed by LINKfire Pty Ltd (“LINKfire”) including but not limited to programmed maintenance, the supply and installation of materials, products and goods necessary for such works and services.
The customer shall pay LINKfire in accordance with the terms set out in the applicable proposal or quotation submitted by LINKfire and pursuant to all tax invoices rendered by LINKfire.
The customer shall pay each tax invoice of LINKfire within 14 (fourteen) clear calendar days from the date of issue of the relevant tax invoice.
LINKfire may suspend the performance of the works or services immediately upon failure by the customer to pay a tax invoice within 30 (thirty) clear calendar days from the date of issue of the relevant tax invoice and shall not be obliged to continue with the works or services until the relevant tax invoice or tax invoices have been paid in full.
If LINKfire exercises it suspension right under this clause, it must give written notice to the customer to that effect prior to the suspension and must allow the customer a period of a further seven clear calendar days from the date of suspension within which to make the applicable payment.
In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.
Quotations, repairs and routine maintenance pricing is based on clear access, continuity of work at all times without lost time due to circumstances beyond our control.
Return visits required to fulfil LINKfire statutory requirements will be at the cost to the client.
The customer shall ensure that existing work conditions at the site shall provide a suitable base for the works and services. LINKfire shall not be required nor be obliged to carry out the works or the services over such existing or previous work if in LINKfire’s sole and absolute discretion such existing or previous work or conditions is or are unsuitable.
LINKfire reserve the right to charge for any delay or disruption where the delay and distribution is solely cause by the customer.
LINKfire shall have the right to engage any suitably qualified person, business or corporation to perform any part or parts of the works or services under its supervision, subject to the requirement that LINKfire specifies the method and manner in which the part or parts is or are to be carried out and that LINKfire adequately supervises the performance of the part or parts of the works or services.
Price is subject to change without notice and goods and or services will be charged at the price ruling at the time of invoice.
All prices are based on a per annum basis and are subject to CPI increases without notice as applicable.
Whilst LINKfire will endeavour to effect delivery by the given date LINKfire shall not be liable for any penalties or damages for failure to deliver within the time stated due to circumstance beyond LINKfire control.
It is LINKfire policy that all orders must be confirmed in writing.
LINKfire reserves the right to request payment upfront.
All callouts are subject to attendance fees.
Authority notice assistance may incur should required time commitment extend beyond 2 hours.
Inspections and reports will not include possible defects to Essential Safety Measures in inaccessible parts of the building or defects not apparent on visual inspection from floor level or where access cannot be provided.
Relevant equipment schedules, plans and operations manuals to be provided before proceeding with programmed maintenance or repair works.


LINKfire does not cover fire alarm callout costs from FRV/CFA
No allowance has been made for repair costs during routine maintenance
No allowance to perform System Interface Testing where LINKfire are not engaged for all ESM maintenance including Mechanical Ventilation where applicable unless otherwise stated in accepted proposal
No allowance for 5 yearly service schedule, 10 service schedule, 25 yearly testing service schedules as per AS1851-2012
No allowance for private apartments or individual tenancies unless specified in proposal
No allowance for works to be performed outside of LINKfire Operating Hours (7.00am – 3.30pm) Monday to Friday
No allowance for access equipment unless specified in proposal
No allowance for asbestos related works
No allowance for patch and painting
No allowance for building permits or independent certification
No allowance for periodic inspections of bin chutes
No allowance for Fire Alarm Monitoring ASE and back up lines
No allowance for mechanical services unless specified on proposal
No allowance for the supply and installation of Essential Safety Measures Log Book Cabinet


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