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Programmed Maintenance

Essential Safety Measures (ESM) in Victoria and Fire Safety Measures (FSM) in New South Wales are defined as the fire and life safety systems installed or constructed in buildings to ensure adequate levels of safety for occupants in the event of a fire or emergency.

When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for the maintenance of its safety features must ensure that these mandatory measures are maintained so that it operates satisfactorily and as it was intended. They include all the obvious building fire services such as sprinklers, hydrants, portable extinguishers and mechanical services. They also include passive fire safety equipment such as fire doors, fire resistance levels and paths of travel to exits.

We provide Programmed Maintenance for ALL of your legally mandated requirements and as a leader in essential safety measures compliance, LINKfire will give you peace of mind knowing that you are meeting your statutory obligations and reducing the risk at your property.



Defect Repairs

When an ESM (VIC) or FSM (NSW) item fails testing, we will provide you with advice and/or a quote to rectify the problem. Defects are categorised into three categories depending on the severity or potential issue of the defect. Our team consists of A Grade Electricians, Plumbers and Mechanics, so you can be assured of a high quality of work by industry professionals.


Severity Legend (as per AS1851-2012)
Critical Defect  Failure renders system/equipment inoperable. (eg. No water supply, no power, equipment missing). Urgent action required.
 Non Critical Defect  Failure effects system/equipment operation. (eg. Faulty gauge, water leak or drip). Obligatory action required but not urgent.
 Non Conformance  Failure does not affect operation, a minor item not to required Standards. (eg. Signage or 003 locks missing). Action required.

Optional or good practise. FYI only. No obligatory action required.



24/7 Support


A genuine emergency response service. Speak to a real person in one of our local operations hubs – 87% of our after hours enquiries can be handled and resolved over the phone – without charge.



Project & Upgrade Management

As well as the recurring maintenance and defect repairs for ESM, we also provide offer project management for major works such as:

• Works associated to Council Notifications, Letters and Notices • Fire Hydrant Projects • Fire Compartmentalisation works • FIP / OWIS replacements • Detector replacements

Speak to our service team for more information




Documented Reports

There is a legal requirement to maintain the necessary paperwork recording the maintenance of your ESM (VIC) or FSM (NSW). We keep these records electronically on your client portal for ease of access and security.

As a part of our service we prepare and present service reports outlining the completed maintenance including any additional works completed. We include photos of defects and of all of the assets to make locating and identifying items easier.

We will produce an Annual Report each year on your behalf as required by law.



Training and Education

LINKfire offers free Education & Training sessions for our clients.

We run in-office sessions (your office or ours) which give a great opportunity to learn and ask questions about the ins and outs of safety measures compliance.

We also offer site tours which make the theory become practical by physically and inspecting the work at one of your sites and seeing how the systems work and integrate to protect your buildings.

We’ve been getting some great feedback from our training for managers - It’s given a lot of managers more confidence to talk about Safety Measures with not only their clients but also other contractors, and to be confident about making compliance related decisions.



Free No Obligation Ongoing Maintenance Quotes

The Property Assessment Team is made up of senior technicians who attend sites at no charge to evaluate and quote for ongoing programmed maintenance of all of your Essential Fire Safety Measures.
You can use this service to check your current scope of works, as a pricing comparison or just as due diligence to keep your eye on the best outcomes for your clients.


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