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Quote Terms & Conditions

Inclusions where applicable (void if proposal not accepted in entirety):

  1. Annual building Fire Mode Interface test of all systems maintained by Linkfire in this proposal including; mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning, stair pressurization, fire detection, fire sprinkler / pumps, automatic exit / fire doors and associated applicable equipment.
  2. Annual fire hydrant / sprinkler diesel pump engine service, flow tests of fire pump and associated systems.
  3. Annual fire smoke / thermal detector testing.


  1. Major services and inspections of systems above annual programmed maintenance cycle. These major services will be advised and quoted when they fall due.
  2. Fire extinguisher 5 yearly tests will be conducted when they fall due without notice at applicable rates providing the expenditure does not exceed our “Extra Works” approval allowance.
  3. Sole Occupancy Units (SOU) fire doors will be inspected from the common area side in-line with relevant standard as part of our quoted price, we will not enter into private residential lots due to OH&S reasons, however we will give the occupier an instruction document on how to conduct such inspection within their private lot via the building manager. This document can also be downloaded from our website.
  4. Inspections and testing of mechanical ventilation, air conditioning, penetration to fire rated structures & walls, smoke alarms, balustrades and balconies contained within each private lot will not form part of this quotation. Facility managers and lot owners are advised to monitor these services and advise Linkfire in writing of any changes to the current Occupancy Permit that may affect the building.

Terms & Conditions

All work to be conducted within normal business hours of 7.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday and service technicians having unrestricted access to all areas as required. Additional costs may be incurred for additional service calls, waiting time, client site specific inductions or requests for work to be conducted outside our normal working hours. On acceptance of this quotation free on-site parking access is assumed.

Lift maintenance contractor and/or any third party contractor engaged directly by client must report to Linkfire via facilities manager/owner any faults within system or penetrations in fire rated lift shaft/structures that have not been rectified. Third Party Contractors engaged must clearly document any outstanding defects.

Programmed testing of equipment may not preclude the occurrence of MFB false alarms due to system design, wear and tear of components, mains water pressure fluctuations, dust or contamination. Assistance to defend claims made by the MFB can only be provided by Linkfire Pty Ltd if we have attended following incident, MFB entry advice notice and ASE printout has been made available in a timely manner.

PAYMENT TERMS 14 DAYS from date of invoice. Ownership of goods supplied and invoiced shall pass to the client when the invoice has been paid in full. The client shall not sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of, the goods, to any person, until full payment has been made. Linkfire Pty Ltd may seize, repossess and/or resell the goods at its discretion and for such purpose Linkfire Pty Ltd may enter any premises where goods are located. LinkFire Pty. Ltd. may increase pricing in line with CPI without prior notice on the 1st January each year following the initial minimum 12 month period.

Linkfire Pty Ltd assumes that the total building has complied with the Building Control Act and the relevant regulations at the time of construction or issuing of the Certificate of Occupancy (CoO). The facilities manager/owner will advise Linkfire Pty Ltd of any Building Notices issued, alterations to the original building design and any remedial works or changes made to the original design or CoO.

Building Regulation 2006 requires written authority from an owner before a third party can sign annual essential safety measures report (ESMR) on behalf of owners (if applicable). By authorising this agreement you are giving authority and agreeing to comply with our terms and conditions.