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Essential Safety Measures

Essential Safety Measures (ESM) are the fire and emergency safety mechanisms installed in a building to ensure adequate levels of safety are provided to occupants throughout the life of the building. All essential safety measures must be regularly serviced and maintained to the relevant Australian Standard to ensure they will operate as designed in case of fire or emergency.

Legislation places the responsibility on the owner, or agent/property manager acting on behalf of the owner, to ensure that all essential safety measure required are correctly installed and maintained. This includes carrying out programmed routine inspections, testing and repairs to ensure the building remains compliant. Each year a document known as the Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) must be completed, confirming maintenance compliance.

Linkfire are the experts when is comes to installing and maintaining these systems. We take the hassle out of compliance and regulatory requirements around property management.

See a full list of Essential Safety Measures and a summary of your obligations here. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call to discuss your specific ESM or Fire and Safety needs on 1300 669 439.

For a short document explaining Essential Safety Measures, who is responsible for them and why they need to be maintained, click here.